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Understanding the Shift in Contemporary Marketing

Traditionally, marketing has always been about selling a product, and has been very product driven in the way businesses portray themselves in their advertising material. However, the contemporary marketing landscape has seen a shift in the intention behind promotional material and the implementation of marketing strategies as a whole.

This means that marketing has now shifted so that it exists in a far more audience centric manner; it is not product centric like it once was.

Current marketing strategies

The way in which businesses pitch their online material is currently such that it is based around the audience for whom it is targeted. A couple of decades ago, businesses sold their product or service through heavy promotion, which strictly revolved around the product or service in itself.

This meant that people only bought things based on the product alone, which was based on the linear correlation between a basic product, and the consumer’s desire for that product.

However, in this day and age businesses don’t just sell a product or service- they establish a relationship with their ideal audience that is based around the personal needs, desires and problems of that audience.

This is because a successful business will now first identify the mindset of their ideal customer, and hone in on the ways that they can benefit and provide value to those people.

In doing this, businesses can create and release content that provides value to the specific people who would be interested in their product or service, and hence a strong relationship is formed that is based on trust and an understanding of the needs of the consumer.

In essence, this creates a strong brand for the business and invites people to spend money on that business as a result of the way the brand is viewed.

Taking advantage of the shift

In an audience centric environment, you should always be publishing content that will be useful to your ideal audience in some form. In many cases, this means releasing content that is not strictly related to or based upon the actual product or service you’re trying to sell in itself.

The purpose of this is to maintain the relationship between the audience and the business, so that they are more likely to spend money on the business in the future. Business is about relationships, and you should always be doing whatever you can to strengthen and build on the trust that your consumers have in your brand.

You should always put out consistent content across a variety of platforms through suitable mediums even if it doesn’t relate strictly to your product or service. This should be content that benefits your audience in some way, for example by educating them in an area of interest or simply entertaining them.

You should also always make sure you have a call to action somewhere in your content, so that your audience knows how to act on that relationship, should they want to purchase your product or service.

To know more about the shift from product centric to audience centric marketing, I have created an IGTV episode about this topic. Check it out at @funmindfulmarketing on Instagram!