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If you have a restaurant, café’, or bar, it might be easy to focus your energy on the production and operation of your business.

However, in today’s digital environment, there’s an array of things you can do to benefit your business in different ways, especially on social media. When it comes to putting out content, we always talk about benefiting your audience in some way.

Using IGTV on Instagram is a perfect opportunity to have an impact outside of your premises, and can help you stand out from your competitors.

Strengthening your brand

Branding today is all about relationships. So if you have established social media pages for your business, you’re already a step ahead…however, you need to know how to own the platform so that you can have maximum online impact to the people you most want to serve.

Instagram has a number of functions you can utilise in order to do this; so let’s look at IGTV. Creating a cooking lesson would be a great way to increase your social media presence in a way that can be insightful, educational, entertaining and impactful to your audience.

Showing your audience how their favourite dishes come to be will demonstrate a more personal aspect to your business, and behind the scenes footage is always of interest to customers.

Taking your time to create such content on a consistent basis will have a large impact on the way that your audience perceives you, and hence will strengthen your brand.

Consequently, boosting your brand will enable you to be more distinct from your competitors, whilst both cementing that relationships with existing customers and inviting potential customers to scope you out.

Providing value in and out of the store

The key to putting out great content is to have a consistent impact, so if you’re getting bored of only uploading photos of the dishes you produce, creating IGTV episodes will be a great way to break up your content whilst still having an impact on your audience.

Providing value to your followers, including potential customers, will create a strong link between your premises and customer satisfaction.

Planting that seed of thought into people’s minds will make them far more likely to want to eat at your business, for example someone may come across your IGTV episode mid-week and make a note to try that seemingly delicious dish on the weekend with some friends.

The beauty of IGTV is that you don’t have the time restrictions that you have with stories or a regular video post, so you can pack a lot of useful content into your videos, such as a fun cooking lesson, tutorial or demonstration.

This will mean that your audience can learn something, be entertained, and want to pay a visit to your business all in one! Creating IGTV videos can also be really fun to make as well, and who doesn’t love the opportunity to have fun with their staff and colleagues on the job?

If you found this helpful, I’ve created an IGTV episode just on this topic! Check it out at @funmindfulmarketing where you can find heaps of other relevant content to help your business as well.

*These articles are transcribed and edited by Melissa Warland*